First time trying Nutella & Banana at Project Pie (at Project Pie)

Today was just too much 😂 (at Coronado, California)

Haven’t gone to the beach in awhile 🌴 do I belong in those candid pictures in Hollister 😂

We made it out alive! 👻 #hauntedtrailatbalboapark (at The Haunted Trail At Balboa Park)


rosy / glam blog, follow back similars, just ask! <3




*announces my pregnancy at your funeral to shift the attention around to me*

*reincarnates as your child to shift the attention around to me*

try and one up me again bitch


When you bullshit an essay and manage to get a good grade.image

Artwork by suisei-ojii-sama

Alyssa is more cooler and better than @nathan_dagump let’s tell him Alyssa #youredone ✋

So worth $4.35 for an acai bowl  (at Sprouts Farmers Market)